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Ryalux Carpets

Ryalux Carpets Ryalux set themselves apart from all other carpet manufacturers. Ryalux offer a colour matching service together with the choice of any widths has established them as the UK's most innovative carpet manufacturer.

Ryalux pride themselves on producing the finest quality carpets from the finest quality New Zealand and British wools, and are proud to be members of the Carpet Foundation.

Ryalux Carpets

The Finest Ingredients

Ryalux scour the world to select the very best fleeces suitable for their carpets.. Pure New Zealand wool is renowned for its combination of softness with durability and is used extensively in Ryalux carpets. The finer fibres in New Zealand wool ensure a superb clarity of colour whether in the palest shades of cream or rich dark tones.

Traditional Craftsman Quality

Ryalux employ skilled craftsmen to oversee the entire carpet production process from spinning the raw wool through dyeing, tufting, backing to delivery on our own dedicated fleet. Controlling the process from start to finish means we can ensure that only the highest quality carpet is being delivered.

Ryalux Carpets

A History of Excellence

Ryalux Carpets have been mastering the art of perfection for over 35 years and are famed for offering a superlative collection of carpet styles all available in any width up to and including 5 metres. Founder members of the Carpet Foundation, Ryalux are also proud to be associated with the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and Chatsworth House, Derbyshire from whom they take inspiration for many of the designs and colours.

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