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Tembec Premium Hardwood Flooring

Tembec Flooring With origins in Temiscaming, Quebec, the Tembec name is intimately associated with the highest quality wood products, complimented by superior technical experience and trustworthy service.

TEMBEC OF CANADA has been a world leader in developing new applications for wood products and are a leading producer of environmentally sustainable timber

TEMBEC specialise in premium hardwood flooring, wood panelling and sports floor systems for commercial and residential clients. Tembec can supply the optimum solutions for your project.

Tembec Flooring


Few words can describe the feeling as you step onto your new Tembec wood floor for the first time. Quite simply it will take your breath away. All Tembec floors are made with the best woods from around the world, masterly crafted to an exceptionally high standard and guaranteed to last.

Choose from exotic species like Acacia, Walnut, Jatoba, Tigerwood and Kempas, through to more traditional woods such as Canadian Maple, Oak, Ash, Cherry and Beech. Tembec's philosophy is to sell premium flooring with value.

Tembec Flooring

Tembec have been supplying quality flooring throughout UK and Ireland and since 1965. Browse through the product and gallery sections on the TEMBEC site and feel free to contact Flooring Inspirations to discuss your requirements.


Many leading architectural practices around the world utilise Tembec's experience in wood technology to define optimum specifications for their clients. Avoid delays in sourcing the right product by contacting Flooring Inspirations to discuss your specific project requirements.


Tembec Flooring

Established for over forty years, Tembec has being supplying high performance sports systems to Schools, Leisure Facilities, Arenas, Play Centres, Sports Clubs, Hotels & Resorts, Kindergartens, Caravan Parks and Private Residences. Flooring Inspirations can supply sports courts from two of the worlds leading manufacturers of sport surfaces, both accredited by the major sports governing bodies and frequently used in global competitive tournaments. Contact Flooring Inspirations for further information.

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